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metropolis-1Industrial Laundry in Metropolis, Illinois | VIEW GALLERY





ProjectsIndustrial Laundry in Michigan | VIEW GALLERY
JP Equipment, Inc. designed this industrial laundry layout,  installed the equipment and located all the machinery except for the boiler. All utilities were designed and built to specifications by JPE.  Anticipating future expansion, all utilities and supplies were built with the capacity to triple plant production. After the design and installation phase, we provided training and stayed for the start-up.


ProjectsIndustrial Laundry in Salt Lake City, UT | VIEW GALLERY
The JP Equipment, Inc. team travelled to Salt Lake City to upgrade a Milnor CBW system, add automated tunnel dryers and Mildata. We installed the new equipment, replaced all wearable parts, and cleaned and painted the CBW system. Before departing we ensured that the machinery ran smoothly and fully trained the staff on operation and maintenance of the new system. All this was completed while the laundry remained operational.


ProjectsIndustrial Laundry in Fort Myers Florida | VIEW GALLERY
The JP Equipment, Inc. Team redesigned the layout to include a tunnel system in Fort Myers, Florida. We moved a Jensen 2-roll thermal ironing line overnight so that no production was lost. We relocated a blanket folding system to make room for the tunnel system and it’s components per the layout. We put all components together and completed the internal wiring and piping. Once all utilities were completed we returned to the site for the start-up and training to ensure the successful running of the plant.


JP Equipment, Inc at a laundry installation in Livonia, MichiganIndustrial Laundry in Livonia, Michigan | VIEW GALLERY
The JP Equipment, Inc. team travelled to an industrial laundry in Livonia, Michigan to install a newly refurbished Milnor Tunnel Dryer. We also disconnected a Milnor Auto Lint System and replaced it with a new Energenics Lint System.


JP Equipment industrial laundry installation in Atlanta, GeorgiaIndustrial Laundry in Atlanta, Georgia | VIEW GALLERY
JP Equipment, Inc. installed a newly refurbished tunnel system  in an existing plant. We placed all equipment and completed all internal wiring and communication as well as all programming and configuration. We remained on site to make sure that everything was working properly and trained the staff to operate the tunnel safely and efficiently.


JP Equipment, Inc. Completes installation of industrial laundry equipment in Everett, WashingtonIndustrial Laundry in Everett, Washington | VIEW GALLERY
The JP Equipment, Inc. team completed the removal and replacement of a 400lb Challenge Dryer in a single day. All utilities were reconnected to the replacement dryer. Space was tight on this job and presented some unique rigging challenges. The dryer was too wide to fit through the existing doorway, so the team had to remove the doors and tracts from the dryer. Due to an existing ceiling rail, the vertical clearance was also inadequate and it was necessary to dismantle the rail safety net in order to remove the old and reinstall the new dryer.


JP Equipment, Inc. installs industrial laundry equipment in Columbia, South CarolinaHospital Co-op in Columbia, South Carolina | VIEW GALLERY
After decommissioning their existing tunnel, the JP Equipment, Inc. team returned to install a newly-refurbished 1998 Senking 16 MOD Tunnel, a 2005 Jensen Single Stage Press and five 2003 Challenge Dryers. We successfully installed the system, reconnected all utilities, connected the tunnel system to a Jensen Futurail, and programmed/configured the new system.


JP Equipment, Inc. installs industrial laundry equipment - 450lb Brim washerIndustrial Laundry near Indianapolis, Indiana | VIEW GALLERY
When a newly refurbished 450lb Brim Washer was due for delivery just a few hours from our Indianapolis warehouse it was loaded, delivered and set in place all in the same day!



JP Equipment Installation in Cape Coral,Industrial Laundry in Cape Coral, Florida | VIEW GALLERY
While all of our quality service techs were working on other jobs, Patrick traveled to Cape Coral, Florida to deliver and place a boiler for another satisfied customer while managing to have a little fun along the way!


JP Equipment, Inc. decommissions an Industrial Laundry in Spokane, WashingtonIndustrial Laundry in Spokane, Washington | VIEW GALLERY
The JP Equipment, Inc. team traveled to Spokane, Washington for a full plant decommission. The scope of work included removing all of the existing laundry equipment, returning all utilities to mains, filling the trenches with gravel and four inches of poured concrete, and leaving the facility clean and orderly.


JP Equipment, Inc. decomissions laundry in Opa Locka, FLIndustrial Laundry in Opa Locka, Florida | VIEW GALLERY
JP Equipment, Inc. completely decommissioned a large industrial laundry in Opa Locka, Florida including removing all equipment, overhead rail systems, gas, water, and steam pipes. We pulled the electrical back to the main, and filled the trenches and pits.  This was one of our largest jobs; we were onsite for over five weeks.


JP Equipment, Inc. decommision hotel industrial laundry in Key Biscayne, FloridaHotel in Key Biscayne, Florida | VIEW GALLERY
When JP Equipment, Inc. was contracted to completely remove the laundry facility from a hotel in Key Biscayne, Florida we knew that space would be tight! We worked closely with facilities, catering and hotel management to ensure that the work did not interfere with the ongoing operations of the busy resort. Some of the larger pieces were squeezed through basement corridors to service elevators, where they were transported to the roof and removed with a crane . . .  whatever it takes to get the job done!


JP Equipment decomissions Industrial laundry in Mobile, AlabamaIndustrial Laundry in Mobile, Alabama | VIEW GALLERY
The JP Equipment, Inc. team took on the full decommission of an industrial laundry in Mobile, Alabama. All of the equipment was removed and all utilities were terminated at the mains. The trench pits were filled and poured before we handed the plant back over to another satisfied customer.


JP Equipment, Inc. decommissions laundry in Gastonia, North CarolinaIndustrial Laundry in Gastonia, North Carolina| VIEW GALLERY
JP Equipment, Inc. travelled to Gastonia, North Carolina to remove all of the laundry equipment from a recently closed facility. All utilities were returned to main and the building was cleaned up and left in excellent condition.


JP Equipment decommissions a industrial laundry at a yacht club in San Diego, CaliforniaHotel & Marina in San Diego, California | VIEW GALLERY
When a hotel & marina in San Diego decided to decommission their on-site laundry JP Equipment, Inc. took on the challenge. The rigging job proved difficult; space was extremely limited as we needed to move equipment down a narrow hallway used by the kitchen and catering staff. We managed to successfully remove the equipment without disrupting hotel operations.


JP Equipment, Inc. decommissions an industrial laundry in Lewisburg, PennsylvaniaHospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania | VIEW GALLERY
A Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania decided to close their on-site laundry and JP Equipment, Inc. was hired to do the job. The full plant decommission was completed without a hitch.



JP Equipmpent, Inc. decommissions industrial laundry in Columbia, South CarolinaHospital Co-op in Columbia, South Carolina | VIEW GALLERY
In order to prepare for the installation of updated equipment (See Installation Gallery #7), the team from JP Equipment, Inc. removed a Senking Tunnel System, a Senking Single Stage Press, a Shuttle System, five conveyors and five Norman Dryers.


JP Equipment decommissions brewery in Indianapolis, INBrewery in Indianapolis, Indiana | VIEW GALLERY
When a brewery located the equipment they wanted for their new facility, they hired JP Equipment, Inc. to safely transport the delicate machinery. Once the equipment was removed from its original location, it was stored in our Indianapolis warehouse until the brewery was ready to install the equipment.

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