JP Equipment is your all in one solution for all your laundry needs.  Click the links for all services offered by JP Equipment, Inc.

Equipment Reconditioning

JP Equipment, Inc. has the expertise to thoroughly recondition all the equipment available for purchase. Our meticulous reconditioning process restores each piece of equipment to its original factory specifications. Explore the links below to witness examples of our work. These images show before, during, and after progression of equipment reconditioning completed in our Indianapolis facility.

All reconditioning is performed in-house, and we take pride in delivering a finished product of the highest quality. For a detailed overview of what’s encompassed our reconditioning process, feel free to contact us!

Plant Design + Layout

JP Equipment, Inc. is a prominent authority in the design, development, and outfitting of commercial and industrial laundries across the nation. From modest on-premise laundries to expansive multiple tunnel washer operations, we have successfully equipped a diverse range of facilities. Our industry knowledge, coupled with years of experience, ensures a seamless plant design and installation process, offering a one-stop solution for all your equipment demands.

JP excels in assisting with full plant layout and design, incorporating additional pieces into existing facilities, and executing reconfigurations to enhance flow and increase production throughput. Our services encompass comprehensive design and installation, coupled with start-up assistance and staff training.

Our design and consultation services include:
• Auto-cad Plant Design and Layout
• Equipment Schedule
• Utilities Piping Schematics, Layout, and Scheduling
• Full Project Management
• Staff Training
• Preventative Maintenance Planning
• Production Consulting

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any of your design and consulting needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


JP Equipment, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive plant infrastructure and equipment appraisals. Our appraisal services cater to a diverse clientele, including banks, leasing companies, current owners, and prospective owners.

Appraisals are meticulously conducted and based on three distinct values:

• On Going Concern: Assessed on an operational plant with all expenses such as cost of construction and infrastructure included.
• Fair Market Value: Assessed on a removed-from-site basis (Retail Pricing).
• Orderly Liquidation Value (Net): Evaluated on a removed-from-site basis (Wholesale Pricing).
• Net Realizable Value (or Forced Liquidation Value-Net): Determined on a removed-from-site basis (Auction Pricing).

For a tailored appraisal suited to your specific needs, reach out to JP today. We are committed to providing accurate and detailed proposals to meet your individual requirements.

Installation and Decommissioning

JP Equipment can install single pieces all the way through full plants.  JP can also remove all equipment, infrastructure, including pouring pits and trenches in an existing facility.  This allows a laundry to return a building back to its original pre-laundry design.

Quarterly Maintenance Plans

JP Equipment offers quarterly maintenance plans to assist in maintaining your equipment and establishing a maintenance plan to help increase production and longevity of your equipment.


JP Equipment partners with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers.  This provides customers the opportunity to liquidate all assets including vehicles, trucks, and real estate.

FAQ’s for JP Equipment

What can I expect when buying used vs. new?

Equipment is a large investment. When buying from JP Equipment, Inc. the customer has the option of as-is, clean and tested, and variations of reconditioning. We have an in-house staff of engineers that have worked in our industry for 20+ years. This provides confidence to buy used and know you are getting a piece that has been inspected and tested in our shop and will arrive in running condition. We encourage customers to visit our facility and see the equipment running before it ships, or we can FaceTime the equipment running. We stand behind our equipment and are happy to help if your engineer has questions and needs to call for technical support.

Do you offer financing?

We do not typically offer financing, however we have several lenders we work closely with. Just let us know and we will be happy to give you their contact information.

We’re closing down our laundry, are you interested in buying our equipment?

Yes, we are interested in any equipment that you have available to sell.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards. Additional fees may apply.

Are the machines covered by a warranty?

JP Equipment, Inc. sells based on our customer’s need. Not all machines carry a warranty; however, we can offer between a 15 days to a 1 year warranty on some equipment.

Do you arrange shipping?

Yes. We work closely with a major trucking company/broker, and we are happy to arrange any shipment.

Can you help identify what piece of equipment will work best in my laundry?

Yes. JP Equipment, Inc. can help size from 1 piece to a full plant based on pounds needed to produce. We offer full consulting, work flow analysis and plant design.

Who is JPE Inc.?

JPE Inc. is our sister company who represents several new product lines including Inwatec and Olma Laundry Equipment. Working with JPE Inc. you can expect the same commitment to excellence and hard work that you experience with JP Equipment, Inc. In fact, JP Equipment, Inc. and JPE Inc. share the same dedicated sales team.